We have 300 30 amp electric and water campsites at Silver Springs and are ready to host your family for a weekend or week long vacation. We offer many pull through sites and large group areas. All of our campsites are designated as "block sites" and host four (4) campsites per site number or letter. As you can see with the image to the right, each site is divided into four quadrants, each with it's own electric, water, picnic table and fire pit.

When renting a campsite at Silver Springs, you place a reservation on the available block site of your choice, but the actual quadrant reserved in that site is first come, first choice.

Note: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Water and Electric Campsites - Rates Include:

  • 2 Adults
  • 3 Children (17 & Under)
  • 2 Vehicles ($5 per night additional vehicle)
  • 1 Camping Unit

    (Strictly enforced.) Any extra camping unit is $30/night, (approval required). Remember if there are three or more adults this rate goes to a full site fee.


  • Off Season (April 13th - May 17th)
  •     Water/Electric   ……….........................…$40.00/NIGHT
  •     Full Hookup Site  ………........................…$45.00/NIGHT


  • Regular Season Water / Electric (20/30amp)
  • Weekdays (Sun-Thurs) ……….....................$45.00/NIGHT
  • Weekends (2 Night Minimum )………............$55.00/NIGHT
  • Holidays (3 Night Minimum)………...............$60.00/NIGHT


Pull Through, Water, Electric and Sewer Campsites -
Site 78 - 82:

  • Weekdays (Sunday - Thursday)………..........$50.00/NIGHT
  • Weekends (2 Night Minimum )………............$60.00/NIGHT
  • Holidays (3 Night Minimum)………...............$65.00/NIGHT

Monthly Camping Rate:
$600.00 plus tax. Water and electric included. Sewer/pumping extra...please inquire.

Extra, Additional Charges:

  • Honey Wagon service (Mondays (Tuesdays of a Holiday Weekend), Wednesdays & Fridays Only)-$10.00. Please note you need to be signed up in the office by 9am of the pump day, otherwise it will be an emergency pump.
  • Emergency Pump-$45.00. - (when available)
  • Moving Trailers-$20.00
  • The charge for an extra vehicle is $5.00 per vehicle, per night.
  • The charge for additional night guests (sharing your camping unit) is $5.00 per person. Extra adults with a second camping unit will need to rent their own site.
  • The charge for day guests is $3.00 per person. Senior citizens and infants 2 and under are free for the day. All guests must register at the office and display the visitor pass on their vehicle mirror.
  • Campers under 21 must be accompanied by a guardian
  • There is a $30/night fee for any additional tent (approval required).  Remember if there are (3) Three or more adults, this rate goes to a full site fee.
  • All reservations must have the Name, Address and phone number of the party staying on each campsite.
  • Trailers longer than 39' will require two campsites to be rented, unless you're in a group reservation of four or more campsites.

    Check-In & Out for Campsites:
  • Check-In for Campsites: 2:00pm
  • Check-Out for Campsites: 2:00pm
  • Early check in fee is $1.00/hour early.
    Please be sure to double check that the site is available for you.
  • Set-up the day before for 1/2 the nightly rate.


  • Camp 4 nights get the 5th night free
  • 10% discount for groups of 20 or more families for 2 or more nights - excludes holidays
  • Girl/Boy Scouts (inquire)-excludes holidays:
    Weekdays - $7.00/person/night Weekends - $7.50/person/night

Pet Deposit and Rules: $10.00/pet/stay. The deposit is refunded if all pet rules are obeyed.


Required Deposits:

  • A credit card number & $10.00 deposit is due with the reservation, and the credit card is charged the balance due one month prior to your scheduled arrival date. If you are reserving for a group for the following year, one person may hold it on their card, and by January 31, each family must call with their own card and payment.  If they don’t have their own card, they must pay in full by January 31, by sending a check.
  • Any site cancelled two weeks prior to your scheduled arrival will be credited all fees minus a $10.00 service charge.

Rules & Regulations: (No refunds if you are asked to leave)

  • Please no bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, golf carts after dark or on the sidewalks.
  • Small children must be accompanied by an adult to the pool, beach, restrooms, playground, and office.
  • Shoes must be worn in the office, restrooms, and gameroom.
  • Curfew is 11:00pm. Children must be back to their campsite at this time. Quiet hours are 12:00am to 7:00am. All radios are to be off at this time.
  • Children and adults shall respect the property of the campground and of others. If property is destroyed, you are liable
  • Please clean up your site before you leave. Take your trash to the dumpsters. Recyclying is mandatory in Columbia County. Please do your part!
  • Please do not litter. There are trash cans throughout the property for your use.
  • Do not deface any trees dead or alive. Please do not nail/screw anything into the trees.
  • Moving or damaging any metal or rock fire ring is subject to a $100.00 fine.
  • Please no firearms or weapons of any kind.
  • Water ballons and fireworks are not allowed at any time.
  • We are a family friendly campground, inappropriate behavior or language will not be tolerated.

Site Etiquette: Please remember to treat your neighbors as you would like to be treated. Respect each other's boundaries. Don't walk through other campsites. Please use family friendly language. Keep voices, laughter, and music to appropriate levels at all times.

We don't allow:
Mopeds, mini bikes, scooters (of any kind), ATVs, go-carts, 3 wheelers, etc. We only allow road licensed vehicles and electric golf carts. The cost is $15/cart when you bring your own
.  We do not rent carts. Please register your cart and show proof of insurance at the office. You will be given a copy of the rules. -PLEASE VIEW OUR GOLF CART RULES-



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